We are capable to source different fabrics, trims, recents developments by fabric suppliers every year and offer these to our clients evaluation. Specific client requests are taken good care within our database and our supplier’s long years experience. We have quite efficient obtions of suppliers, therefore we are flexiable upon request. We have factories who can work with small quantities (i.e. 100 pcs per style) whereas we also have factories who can work relatively higher quantities min. 300 pcs per style. Some has BSCI certificate as well.

SAMPLING (proto sampling, salesman sampling, production approval samples, size sets, shipping sampling)
The most important thing when a collection file is received, to prepare the proto samples ASAP with the available fabric and color in order to get approval for fitting, finishing, trim details of the style, print, embroidery etc.
While the proto sampling is processing it is important to get ready with SMS colors, lab dips on the other hand.
İt is important to be ready with correct SMS fabrics in correct colors when the proto approvals are taken or very soon after that….
After the bulk order is received, either we approve the production approval samples/size sets on behalf of our client, or if the client wants to see the size sets themselves, we control the samples and send for client’s approval.
Also upon request, we sent shipment samples just before the shipment to make sure that everything in the bulk order is produced according to the confirmation of client.

Service 1

After the production approvals are taken from client, our supplier starts bulk production. We make mid controls, wash tests while the production continues. From every color/fabric of the specific production fabric, we take a piece and control if it is according to the approved color and quality. As per request, shipment approval samples representing the bulk production are sent for client’s final approval after our final inspection.


We control the timing of production always with a crictical path concious. We follow up all the stages with a high care and also to keep the shipping timing accurate as planned and confirmed from the very beginning.

schedule follow up



We follow the shipment to be made with correct transport agency, to be made in correct date and shipping conditions. After the shipment, we follow all the documentation to be complete and correct. We forward these info to the client as soon as the goods are shipped. Clients have all the info, all copy documents by e-mail within 1 or 2 days right after the shipment.